Layanan 24 Jam

Emergency installation RS Semen Gresik is open 24 hours to cater for cases of emergency, in particular with the aim of providing first aid to patients who come to avoid various risks, such as: death, accident victims, or cope with another disaster that requires immediate medical action.

tim medis

Tim Dokter

Doctors HOSPITAL of Semen Gresik to our professional and experienced trained nurses are supported in various certification and training updates, so that it is ready to serve the community.



RS Semen Gresik held various TRAINING activities both for professional, employees, students and laymen.  With training and education will change the paradigm/perspective, mind sets, mindsets, attitudes, patterns and patterns for rich mental acts, achieve optimal performance in the company or related institutions by developing Skill and Team Coordination.



Gresik Cement apply various RS latest technology in the field of perumah, so that business processes will be more easy and fast. It will hit the waiting time and increase customer satisfaction.


Layanan Kami

As the first choice of Hospital quality EXCELLENCE, we provide a range of services according to needs of the community with easy access and friendly. Those services are: